Entrepreneurs always are full of ideas.

And how to be sure this idea is a good investment of time and money?

It’s simple. We do the math.
And by that, we mean the Business Plan.
The core of the business plan is the financial analysis. Everything else is to fill it up.


We need to have and idea of clients, of costs, of suppliers, of partners. Then, translate ideas into numbers.
Usually for most of our clients, we create a finance simulator. We put all we know about the business, we test everything we don’t know and go hunt for information to complete the void.
The market analysis, competitors, pricing..all that is necessary to support the forecast and help with your decision making.

We are thrilled when the project shows great results and also when it doesn’t. That will save everyone time and money, avoiding in the future to have the entrepreneurs struggling to understand why break even never comes..
In longer terms, this simulator can be the basis for a budget or a cash flow system for keep running smoothly.


  • Client: Entrepreneurs and Project Valuation in all companies sizes
  • Challenge: Market test
  • Skilss: Estrategy, Finance, Business plan and models, Investiment analyss

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