Show me the money!

“I need investment from a venture capital!”

We come from Venture Capitals and we know a bit about investments. If you really need one, we gonna help you get it. But let’s stop and analyse if it is what you really need.

Como Shawn Carolan disse: “Starups não passam fomes, elas se afogam”


We live in a moment of startup fuzz. With almost no barriers to entry, high valuations in non-monetizing apps and the world of venture capitals, seed money and angel investors are spreading. Every entrepreneur should think then: “I need to get investment!”

We worked as investors and we were trained to evaluate a company. That are many key features that you must go through in order to get an investment and sometimes, maybe not even be your best financial choice.

It depends on the moment and the needs of your company. The simplification that money will solve all the problems can be hiding the real issues for striking.


  • Client: Entrepreneurs
  • Challenge: Strategy
  • Skills: Strategy, Finance, Investment Case