who we are

We are business people focused on solving problems and create value, in a light and passionate way. We worked with big corporations and start ups. We worked with amazing people: entrepreneurs, dreamers and top CEOs. We dicussed many business models, strategies and financial results. We are always learning and discussing with great minds to create a more inspirational achievement.

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Sambodia was born with the intention to guide entrepreneurs with our investor and business knowledge, so you can make less mistakes that we did.


Small and medium companies usually don’t have a board. We think they should and can. The top is very lonely and it’s hard to make decisions when you are so involved with the business.
We wanna help get your head out of the water and guide you trough your daily life.


Since we born in business we have being doing consulting. It’s something we are great at (as our clients tells us) and we are proud of doing.

We solve problems! Together we create the solutions that can be the turnaround moment your company.

Investment partner

Finding the right partner is what we go trough our lives searching. Finding the entrepreneur and idea that we want to follow everyday and that in the hard moments we believe that still is going to be the willing of moving along.

That’s how we see an investment and that’s how we choose our partners.

Pro Bono

So companies touch us in our very core. Everyone has a different purpose in life and sometimes we find a company that fills it all.

In this rare moments, we can´t resist! Our passion for making a impact in the sector that we love goes beyond our need for money. So our time is your time!

the team

Helena Curado

Helena Curado

creating something
Tatiane Marques

Tatiane Marques

Amazing Specialists

Amazing Specialists

they know better!
Consultant Partners

Consultant Partners

delivering together

We are not cold business suits

We work in what we thrive with our bodies full of passion! And whenever we are in love everything is light, easy and creative. That’s how we believe our working hours should be and how are clients should be treated.

We are not financial snobers

We will never give content that you can’t follow. Whenever we discuss finance (and for sure it will be a lot!), we will always explain and share our knowledge.

Finance is for everyone!

We are people that believe the purpose of their lives is to help others with what we are great!

(nothing more to declare)

"No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team."

Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder

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